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Real-time morphing of aesthetics surfaces originally created using any other system. Eliminates need for advanced preparatory work to predict possible model changes. Surface Quality (Curvature) maintained for all surfaces.
Fast morphing for back styling, tighter daylight and beltline design changes initiated from Executive Reviews. Morphing to accommodate Packaging Changes – H-Point, Head room, Leg room etc.
Morphing works equally well, irrespective of whether surfaces need to be shrunk or extended. Surface Quality is always maintained.
Interior aesthetic surfaces can also be easily morphed. Product geometry created in any other system can be imported and morphed to create new concepts.
Localized Surfaces in and around Feature Curves constrained and morphed to enhance or generate various styling cues.
Morphing is a significantly less time-consuming way to transfer 2D patterns onto 3D surfaces. Relevant for Automotive Grills and other similar situations.
Morphing is a convenient and less time-consuming way to update profile patterns as shown here for the spokes of a wheel.
Morphing can be used as a convenient and less time-consuming approach to propagate external aesthetic surface changes to internal Class B Surfaces.
Morphing can be conveniently applied and used across all industries to quickly update aesthetic surfaces for any type of product geometry.
Morphing can be used to satisfy both functional and aesthetic requirements by modifying the overall shoe shape and/or specific areas such as the sole or heel.
Product concepts can be easily used as the starting point for generating the final design by adding or refining key feature elements using morphing.
Drastic shape changes to develop a completely different product “look and feel” can be easily accomplished using morphing by specifying the right set of transformation constraints.