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Automatically close small and large holes on a part surface. Also, extend surfaces tangent to part for smoother definition of the Hole Fills
Rapidly create accurate and high quality Binder Surfaces. Easily modify Binder surfaces to adapt to part shape or independent shapes
Create Fast and Accurate Addendums from the Part and adapt it to the Binder. User controls types of Addendum Wall sections
Automatically create surfaces that maintain “length of line” conditions for Overdraw conditions
Automatically unfold flanges while taking into consideration material thickness and natural surface ratio. Do it efficiently while saving time and avoiding errors
Identify all types of surfaces (including B-Surfaces) within a certain radius range and automatically reduce radius by a certain percentage or to a specific value
Once the degree of undercut in a particular area has been identified, then it can be easily fixed using Spine Transformation
Identify points on portion of Addendum Surface close to trim line that have to be moved up or down to create Cutting Blade Profile. Addendum Surface morphed to create blade with same profile, except in Z direction